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Global problems to which humanity is painfully searching for answers and has not yet found them, are important both for Europe, America, Asia, and for the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. The trend towards polycentrism requires new mechanisms, ensuring the security of the world and the sustainable development of its globalizing economy.

Many economists who study the processes of economic globalization believe that the latest crisis situations are emerging due to the lack of global self-regulation mechanisms.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Western world entered a new stage of its development, and the world economy entered a complex turbolent period of evolution. Last year and the first years of the new century, the contradiction between the cosmopolitanism of capital and the sovereignty of the national state as a form of organization of society sharply intensified. The balance between traditional state decision-making institutions and new centers that control the resources and economic processes necessary for their implementation has been disrupted. However, the need for supranational regulation has so far been ignored by the selfishness of nation states. In order for production to develop normally, it is necessary to establish an optimal mechanism for regulating the economy: to achieve the right combination of private initiatives and government activity. Today, the decentralization of the state is beginning to play an important role, the growth in the number of non-governmental organizations and various social movements and initiatives. This is facilitated by the media operating in conditions of complete freedom.

As for changes in the sphere of culture and mentality of citizens, the situation here is extremely ambiguous. The greatest differences in this area also appear between countries, which is understandable given the differences in traditions and historical heritage.

Taking into account the above, a group of people showed enthusiasm to unite in an alliance to understand these processes and organize broad participation in this of cultural and business representatives living in the Balkan countries. We hope for their active participation in the implementation of measures aimed at the further development of the culture and economy of the Balkan countries. It is for this purpose that the Balkan Cultural and Economic Union was created and registered on September 14, 2021 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria.

The main idea (the concept of the union) is to become a platform for the exchange of information in the field of culture and economy of the Balkan countries, with which to promote the further development of the Balkans. For this purpose, we plan to have our representatives and partners in each Balkan country. Currently, such representatives already exist in 7 Balkan countries and 5 other countries of the world. In the spring of 2024, the Union plans to organize and hold a congress on the topic of Balkan commonwealth in the city of Varna. Our representatives, of which there may be several 5-7 in each country, take on the task of promoting the development of production and trade turnover on the Balkan Peninsula and beyond. Since this activity is of a commercial nature, representatives of the Union have the right to pay an appropriate fee (commission).

The partners of the Union can be both enterprises producing various products and enterprises selling these products. All necessary information and advertising about the Union’s partners is posted on our website.

  The Balkan Cultural and Economic Union plans, with the participation of scientists, economists and lawyers, to create a Center for Analysis and Forecasting at the Union, with the help of which to develop close cooperation with government bodies of the Balkan countries, with the aim of developing effective cultural and economic policies in the Balkans.

We have the honor to invite everyone interested in cooperation with us for appropriate contacts and establishment of business relations.

Unity is still a dream, but the dream is real and achievable!

Think globally, act locally!